In this Karate game – Kuro Obi Karate Kumite – you will fight your way to the black belt. This is the arcade version of Kuro Obi Karate. It is fast paced Karate kumite action. You will begin a journey around the world as a white belt karateka and master all the skills it takes to achieve the karate black belt. During your quest in this karate fighting game you will fight other karate senseis with different skill levels. Train hard to improve your karate martial arts and climb to the top of the worlds best karate fighters highscore list. Get your name in the highscore list weekly, monthly or even in the top ten.
In this karate fighting game all fighters of the world are welcome. If you are a boxer, a kung fu master or judoka, the way of the karateka will bring a traditional style back to future. Become a ninja of karate or be like the best samurai to master all tests.
Karate in Kuro Obi Karate Kumite is the hardest karate fighting game out there. Not everybody can master the black belt, can you!

Fight in 10 different countries from greece, australia, canada, south africa, england to denmark, new zealand, brazil, china and of course japan.

Battle against a variety of ai opponents with all skill levels. Each level will bring up new techniques to your rival – watch out for unseen tricks.

Make points and highscores by using different techniques to achieve the highest scores.