In Kuro Obi Karate you start your martial arts career as newbie karateka. You will begin a journey around the world as a white belt to master all the skills it takes to achieve the black belt. During your quest you will train hard to improve your martial arts and climb to the top of the worlds best karate fighters.

Earn money by winning tournaments. The better you fight the more shuriken you will get.

Unlock new countries and harder opponents by reaching higher belts and knowing more karate techniques.

Use money and the shuriken to get all Karate belts from the Sensei starting with white all the way to black by passing and mastering mini games.

Also use the money and shuriken to purchase better Karate techniques to score higher points in fights to earn more money.

Unlock secret levels after you are a Sensei yourself wearing the Kuro Obi!